January 2022 Chaplain Newsletter

January 2021 NewsletterCH MSG: “Honesty and all our Community Values Truly Count”

Greetings to all from your Spokane County Sheriff Chaplaincy Team, 

Happy New Year to each of you! We hope and pray your 2022 has started off with great hope and joy! Please see our Chaplain List in the left column, and know that our team is growing and training to be ready to provide support in times of need. 

I ask us all to take a brief moment and think of some of the most honest and value driven people that have been influential in your life and career. My Grandpa Larry Bolks comes to mind for me, as well as President Ronald Reagan. We all have these wonderful examples throughout of lives, and we can remember the words of life they spoke into us. Let us thank God for those people in our families, teams, and our community. Over and over, Ronald Reagan proved that he was a man of his word, someone you could believe in. He was quoted in saying that “An America that is mil- itarily and economically strong is not enough. The world must see an America that is morally strong with a creed and a vision. This is what has led us to dare and achieve. For us, VALUES COUNT.” 

My friends, for us and our local community, values count as well. This rings true that we also must be morally strong in Spokane County, so we can continue to dare and achieve and overcome all that we will ever face; and to do so together with honesty and integrity. I challenge myself, and everyone reading this, to let that moral strength start in each of us and flow into all those who you engage with daily. 

Our own Sheriff puts it this way in his book, The Price of Honor: Are We Who We Say We Are?, “Constantly remember who you are, what you believe in, what you hold to be true, and what your values are.” Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. 

This prompts us to realize that if we are not steadfastly reminding ourselves, and each other, what we stand for and what our values are; we could eventually find our- selves missing the mark in all we hold to be true. Your Sheriff Chaplains believe in our SCSO Team, all of our 1st Responders, in Law and Order, family values, and in our Spokane County Community, and in God’s goodness. Please take a moment and lift up all of our leaders within Spokane County in your prayers, as there are many who are carrying the heavy burdens on their shoulders for us as they lead. 

As we have been inspired by those in our life who have encouraged us to dare to rise up and live with our values and moral strength at the forefront, I now challenge us all to be that person for each other in 2022 and always. May God guide us in it all. 

Blessings from Above, Chaplain Robert Kinnune

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